Saturday, May 24, 2014

{ Afternoon at the Bay } Part I

Hello you guys!  Long time no talkie!!  I have been super excited to share with you about a little afternoon trip Trey and I took to the Chesapeake Bay last weekend.  The beach is near the quaint town of Chesapeake Beach, MD.  It's a really nice area.  Cindy's grandparents used to come here during the summers when they lived in Washington DC.  That was back in the 1940's and 50's.  It was a welcome break to get out of the city for a couple days and it wasn't too far to travel.  Even though Cindy couldn't come with us this time, she told us about all the cool things to look for on our visit.  When I first arrived, I found this log that had definitely been washed up on the beach for a long time and it was the perfect place to sit and just take in the beautiful view.  

 I got pretty full of 'beautiful view' real fast and wanted to explore!  I mean, I am Lanie and that is what I do, right?  And, Trey was taking so long....he had to "visit" the woods, if you know what I mean.  So, then it hit me...yes!  I'm gonna see if I can balance while walking on this log!  I jumped up and steadied myself and then started walking!  Wheee!

I almost lost it a couple times but was able to save myself and make it all the way from one end to the other! I held my arms out for balance and it worked great! Golly, that was fun.  

You know the sand and stuff at the beach on the Chesapeake Bay is different to the ocean big time!  In addition to sand, there are little pebbles that get left up on the beach at low tide.  I also like the little lappy waves.  They don't scare me like the big ocean waves do.  But then again, they also don't make that wonderful big roar that the ocean waves do.  Also, there is an awful lot of trash that washes up on the bay beach....seeing it all makes me really sad.  I love nature and hate to see trash on the beach with one exception.....beach glass! Technically, it is trash that the big commercial boats and random fisherman throw into the bay.  But the cool thing is that over many, many years of rolling around in the waves and sand, the broken glass pieces get sanded down to a smooth texture.  This turns them into the prettiest pieces of glass you've ever seen!  They call it Beach Glass or Sea Glass.  I have a little collection at home in my camper.  I was really hoping to add to it this trip.  I'll have to show you guys my full collection one day.

The other SUPER cool thing you can find is sharks' teeth.....yep, you heard that right.....sharks' teeth!  THAT is what Trey came along for.  He didn't believe Cindy when she told him that he could find some if he looked really hard.  Finally, Trey appeared from out of the woods and we started walking....looking very intently at the sand.  We didn't talk much.....I guess cause we were so busy looking at the sand for treasures.  Trey walked on ahead of me and I'm pretty sure it's because he wanted to find any sharks' teeth first.  That's okay though, I don't mind cause I'm really looking for beach glass!

As we walked along, we hadn't found any glass or teeth yet and I wondered if we needed to walk closer to the water's edge.  Trey didn't want to take a chance of getting his new shoes wet.  Umm, really Trey?  Like, you knew we were coming to the beach.  Course, it wouldn't bother me cause I dressed appropriately by wearing my new water shoes.  Aren't they cute?  I love the hot pink color cause it matches my bucket and my swimsuit.

So, back to what happened next; all of a sudden, like literally at the exact same time, both Trey and I saw something that made us stop dead in our tracks!  We both started to bend over to pick up the treasure, which I thought was beach glass and darned if it didn't seem like Trey was trying to beat me to it!  Oh no you don't Trey-man, over my dead body!

Then, as we both got closer, I realized that there was BOTH a piece of beach glass and a shark's tooth!  So Trey wasn't after my glass after all.  Turns out, he thought I was after his shark's tooth!!  Oh good golly, it was so stinkin' funny afterwards! We laughed til our sides hurt!

We were both so excited about our finds!  My sea glass was a beautiful green color.  Even though it is not one of the rare colors of sea glass, I was still super duper happy with my find.  And Trey's shark tooth was da bomb!  It was brown and was in perfect shape!

I have more to share about our afternoon in Part II of this adventure...lots more!  In the mean time.....I'd love to hear if you have ever found a shark's tooth or some beach glass?  If so, where did you find it?

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Friday, May 2, 2014

{ Vaca Fun with Meatloaf }

So, while I was on our Easter break camping vaca, I decided to take Meatloaf out for a little walk. I was going to go boarding but instead decided to take him out for more of a get-back-to-nature walk cause, you know, he is a dog and they like that sort of thing, right?  Just as we started to walk along the campground road, I noticed a super cool, round fluffy dandelion seed head! 

I love blowin' those little fluffy seeds and watching them soar....this day was super windy so I knew this was gonna be fun!  Um, let me see, I need to make a wish first.  What should I wish for?  Oh, I know!  There, wish made.  Now for the fun part! 

ONE.....TWO.....THREE.....BLOW!!!  There they go!  Watch them float away!

Saaa-weet!  That was fun.  "Come on, Meatloaf!  Let's find some more!" I yelled.  Boy, he was fast and found another one right away.  He was so funny......he started sniffing it profusely.  I was like, dude, they don't smell....they're weeds!

So I decided to sit down with Meatloaf and see what he did with the dandelion.  He's such a crazy, fun little guy and he always makes me laugh with his curiosity and antics.

So I stretched out on the grass and dog-gone-it (no pun!) he just wouldn't give up the whole sniffing thing.  He sniffed all around it.  He sniffed under it, on this side, on that side...I swear if he was just that little bit taller, he would have sniffed it on the top too!  So, I thought, I'm just gonna have to try and explain this....again.  I know some dog breeds are supposed to be really smart but I'm starting to think Sarah should have named him Meathead, not Meatloaf!

I began - "Now Meatloaf.  This is a dandelion WEED.  It is NOT a flower.  Flowers smell nice, weeds do NOT.  Got it?" Based on the blank stare he was giving me, I was pretty sure he didn't but just when I was going to explain it yet again.....I saw it coming - a big Meatloaf sneeze!  A-CHOOOOOOO!!  Those little seeds were no match for a bulldog sneeze and it blew them right off the dandelion head.....hahahaha!  Soooo dang funny! 

Now personally, I thought that it was hilarious and actually pretty cool that Meatloaf did his own version of "blowing" the seed head - kinda like I did.  However, he seemed to be super puzzled by the whole thing.  I mean one second, the fluffy stuff was there and when he blinked during the sneeze, they disappeared.  He just stared at the empty little seed head with amazement and you could almost read his mind - "Where did they go?  It must be like magic or something."

"Funny Meatloaf!  You're the coolest dog around and I love you.  You make me laugh at even the stupidest things.  Every time I take you out to play, it's a totally new and crazy adventure!  Give me a big old wet doggy smooch! Now let's go find some more!!"

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