Saturday, June 21, 2014

{ Afternoon at the Bay } Part II

Good golly, I cannot believe it has taken me this long to finish sharing my day at the beach!  I was busy with lots of end-of-the-year school activities; we had my 5th grade graduation, stinky SOL testing, super-fun awards ceremonies (I made the A-B honor roll!) and a couple end-of-the-year parties with friends. But now summer is here and I am super excited!

Okay, so, continuing on with my afternoon at the bay.....

I ended up finding 13 pieces of sea glass! I didn't end up finding any rare colors (total bummer!) but I did find greens, whites, and browns. Some of the browns were more amber colored, which are really pretty! I'm excited to add them to my collection!

After a couple hours of walking up and down the beach, it was late afternoon and the sun was starting to dip low in the sky.   We decided to take a rest on this really cool log - looked like it had been there forever! It was perfect for us to give our legs a break and had a great branch sticking up to hold Trey's hat!

We talked and talked and talked for a really long time!  Trey told me how he was so happy to come to the beach with me.  He said he had not gotten the chance to go to a beach last year at all and was so glad I chose him to come along with me.  I told him I was really glad he came was like having a best friend along.  I had no idea he loved the beach as much as I did.  I could tell he was having fun...and you know what?  Even though he is a boy, surprisingly, so was I.  ☺

Next thing you know, we ran out of words! Can you believe that? It was totally weird!  So, we just sat there and watched the water together.  There were sea gulls that flew by a few times. When I asked Trey if he like gulls, he said he calls them "sky rats". I laughed out loud.....he's so funny!

All of a sudden, Trey jumped up and ran to the end of the log.  "Hey Lanie, come look at these bugs!"  Now y'all know I love bugs....especially ladybugs!  As I jumped up, I totally hoped it would be ladybugs!

Both Trey and I stared at the bugs; there were several different kinds making their home in the top of the part of the log that was sticking straight up.  It looked like a bug hotel.....just look at them all!

"There's a bazillion ladybugs here, Lanie!" Trey shouted. "Hey wait, isn't your nickname Lanie-bug?" I told him yes it was, and that some of the girls at the dorm call me by that name 'cause they know I love ladybugs soooo much!

Now, back to all the bugs.....

Although Trey was right and there were a bazillion ladybugs, I really, really liked the bug on top. It was super cool and totally different than all of the others. I wondered what it was? It had a bronze-colored head and a striped back. I had never seen this kind of bug I asked Trey if he knew. He said "Sure.....its a zebra bug!" I gave Trey the stink eye and said, you're just making that up! "No really," he said "that's what it's called!" I still didn't believe him and told him that I would have to look it up later to make sure that he wasn't just feeding me a bucket of fudge!

After saying goodbye to the bug hotel, we walked over to a stream that flowed into the bay out of the woods. I stepped into the water and it was SO cold, but after a few minutes, I didn't notice it anymore. Isn't it weird how that happens? I told Trey that he should take off his shoes and wade into the stream with me, but he didn't want to get his feet wet and sandy. Really? We're at the beach, right?! I told Trey he was really missing out on having fun.

The water coming from the woods was so clear that I could see my feet straight through it! I had an idea for our next visit to this beach; I'm gonna bring a little boat that I can put in upstream and watch it float all the way to the bay! Oh good golly, that'll be fun to do!

Unfortunately, our time to leave came way too fast for us both. We both promised that we'll have to come back here together sometime.....maybe late summer or early fall. In the meantime, I'm gonna do some bug research, 'cause I'm pretty sure Trey was totally wrong about the zebra bug!  ☺

Hope you liked my story about our trip to the bay. It really was a fun day!  Have you ever had a super fun day end too soon???   ~Lanie ☼

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