Friday, December 5, 2014

{ Throw Back Thursday - Halloween 2014 }

My name is Harper and first, I have to apologize for the silly title to this post...especially since technically it's no longer "Thursday" at the dorm as we are on the east coast!  BUT, I figured it would still be okay since it's still Thursday on the west coast and in Australia and other parts of our big ole world, right?  Super, so glad you all agree!

So, yep, we have been super busy and not had even one extra moment to post about all the stuff that's been going down here at the dorm.  Some of the girls have been in after-school clubs like marching band, orchestra and chorus, practicing for their upcoming Christmas concerts.  Some of us have been busy after school with Edge Club and others, like me, with basket ball.  Boy, fall sure is an exciting and busy time of year!  AND, soon Christmas will be here and we are all super excited about that!

So now, back to my Throwback Thursday topic of Halloween though!  I know you guys are like, geez, Halloween?  Just go with me here, okay?  Now, lots of the girls were away Halloween weekend on a camping trip.  Since there were only four of us at the dorm with nothing to do on the Saturday after Halloween, we decided to throw ourselves a little party.  Hollie and I were the ones to get all the goodies together and decorate the kitchen.  We had loads of fun doing it too!   

We pulled out some of the decorations from last year and added a few more new things we made.  Hollie got to do most of the baking since our normal 'baker-chick', Cindy, was out of town.  :)  So, I got to add my own style to the decorations...I hung up the little paper bats from the ceiling and I really enjoyed throwing confetti all over the tabletop and floor.  Oh, making a mess and calling it a party is sweet! 

Hollie finished setting out the candies and cookies.  She really did do a great job at them.....they were all detailed and really added to the festivities. 

It was getting close to the time for Faith and Trey to arrive and Hollie was still flitting around the table getting everything "just so" when I saw Trey creep into the kitchen.  I knew by that mischievous look in his eyes that he was up to something.  All at once it occurred to me that Hollie had no idea he was standing right behind her.  Before I could utter a word, Trey took a deep breath and screamed at the top of his lungs like someone had just stabbed him in the butt with a knife.  It startled me so much too that I screamed back!

What happened next was one of the funniest things I have seen in a loooong time.....Hollie was so freaked out by Trey's blood-curdling scream that she jumped straight up and at the same time, did a complete 180 degree turn and then, as if that wasn't bad enough, she fell backwards into the table!  At this point I was laughing hysterically and thinking; Oh boy, Trey was soooo gonna get it now!

And just as soon as I had that thought passed through my brain, Hollie jumped at Trey, trying to lay hands on his neck!  In those few moments, Trey started backing up away from Hollie.  Oh, it was sooo dang funny.....I could tell he was genuinely afraid of Hollie!  What a hoot!

At that moment, I knew it was time to step in and save my buddy Trey.  If Hollie could, she'd finish the job and Trey is too good of a basketball buddy to loose him over a prank, so I ran over and squeezed myself in between the two of them.  "Okay, okay - let's all take a couple deep breathes!" I interjected.  

Hollie backed away and started her self-relaxation technique of  breathing "in through the nose, out through the mouth" to calm herself.  Poor thing, Trey totally scared her!  Apparently though, Coconut wasn't scared at all and decided to take advantage of the fact that Trey's Candy bucket had hit the floor.  She was trying desperately to snarf all the candy from Trey's bucket into her own. 

Just then, Faith arrived and saw exactly what that sneaky little Coconut was up to.  I told Trey to go and get some food.  Meanwhile, Faith and I saved Coconut from a guaranteed tummy ache by cleaning up all the spilled candies and putting them back in Trey's bucket.

As I was helping Faith, I could hear Hollie telling Trey about her Mummy Face English Muffin Pizzas.  Shew, thankfully, she had calmed down and wasn't trying to put a choke hold Trey!  That was a close call.

Faith and I returned Trey's bucket to him and told him to keep an eye on Coconut cause now that she'd gotten a whiff of the candy in his bucket, she'd for sure be stalking him and take an opportunity to steal a piece or two.

Faith made her way over to Hollie as they hadn't seen each other all week due to school work and stuff.  Hollie was telling her how she'd made Mummy Dogs out of Crescent Rolls and hot dogs with yellow mustard eyes. 

Since Faith and Hollie were catching up with each other's lives, Trey and I decided to go thorugh our stash from trick-or-treating the night before.  We did some trading of candies which was great as he and I don't like the same stuff so it works out super good to trade with each other.  Needless to say, Miss Coconut was hanging around to see if we left anything on the floor.  Not a chance!

As the afternoon came to a close, we all decided that the party was a great success and we'd have to do it again next year.  Hollie and Faith wanted a photo of themselves together since they are besties and they both had new costumes this year.    

Lastly, we all got together for a groupie photo - you know, like a selfie but not....a group instead - and even the canine's got in on it! 

  18 Inch Doll Outfits & 18 Inch Doll Accessories by:

Hollie, Faith & Harper's costumes by by American Girl®
Trey's Skeleton costume by dspencer6a0n~ eBay®
Mummy faced English Muffin Pizzas by Pippaloo ~ Etsy®