Sunday, March 23, 2014

{ My 11th birthday! }

Hey everybody!! As many of you is my 11th birthday! It has been the BEST birthday EVER!!!!!

Cindy baked a confetti birthday cake and cupcakes to eat after dinner and bought a tub of my favorite ice cream- Blue Bunny Double Strawberry! I was surprised that she remembered that- but hey, that's what sisters are for!

I got so many awesome gifts from all of the girls at the dorm! They are all just so sweet! Cindy got me some art supplies...including a set of new colored pencils in loads of different colors, a Tinkerbell stamp, and a paint set! I cant wait to use them! Lanie and Sarah got me two monkey figurines that I've been wanting for a long time. Hope gave me a warm, pink American Girl hoodie- which is SO me because hot pink is my absolute favorite color! Faith gave me this super-crazy-awesome scarf that is loads of bright and happy colors! It is soooo soft!! McKenna got me a pink eraser pig. It is so cute that I just don't want to use it!! Hollie LOVES to she made me a super-chic peace sign bracelet. Harper got me duct tape, and Saige and Isabelle saved up their money together to buy me a cute pink clutch purse!

Guess who got me these pink poodle slippers?! You'll never believe it! TREY! Who knew that he would know that it is the perfect gift for me?? He claims that he "picked them out all by himself"... but by the look that Cindy gave me, I could tell that he might've gotten a helping hand!

I know that my slippers don't match my pretty party dress but they are soooooo comfy that I am going to wear them for the rest of my life!!!

Thank you for the birthday wishes!! :)    ~Christina ♫

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Friday, March 21, 2014

{ We're All Still Here! }

Well, as you all know, yesterday was Alien Abduction Day!  I wore my protective foil hat to school and boy did I get some strange looks!  Haha, but at least I was safe.....deep down, I sorta wished aliens had come and taken some of those annoying boys away for at least a few days!  Anywho, when I got home, Frolics was waiting for me in his favorite chair. 

Fortunately we have online textbooks so my backpack isn't terribly heavy.  Even still, I had a TON of homework - mostly algebra - my favorite subject - NOT.  Man, my teachers just LOVE to give us homework...and lots of it! :(  As I set my backpack down to get started on my assignments, Frolics was acting as if he wanted me to follow him to the kitchen.

So, I picked him up and headed upstairs to the kitchen.  Plus I wanted to make sure that everyone is wearing their hats! Then it hit me - Oh no.....what if they forgot to make them and were already abducted?!  Quick, let's go Frolics!

I ran to the kitchen with Frolics, and could not BELIEVE my eyes! It was like looking at a Reynold's Wrap fashion show of hats!!  "Good gravy, you guys! Those aren't the kind of hats I was talking about!" I exclaimed.

"Don't you like them??" McKenna exclaimed. "I made a fez (because fezzes are cool! :D), Saige made a top hat, Isabelle.....well.....I don't really know what she made..."
"It's a dome!" Isabelle cut in.
"Okay. Isabelle made a dome, Trey made a snapback, and Sarah made a hat that looks just like Mountie Jack's!" McKenna finished.
"Yeah! My hat looks a lot like Mountie Jack's from the AMAAAZING TV show, 'When Calls The Heart'! I did it because he is ALL I can think about! I cannot WAIT until Saturday night! I swear.....if Jack leaves Elizabeth again I'm going to CRY I tell you....cry a major big long river of tears!!!  Give Rosemary to Gowen!"
Sarah is talking about Hallmark's 'When Calls The Heart' - our favorite TV show. The show comes on every Saturday night at 9 p.m. and we are all completely and utterly obsessed with it. Do any of you guys watch it?? We are all crushing on Mountie Jack! He's soooooooooo all that! :)

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye.....I noticed an unprotected doggy head! Oh no! Honey! You aren't wearing a hat!  It's a wonder you are still here with us!

I rushed over to the table and grabbed a wad of foil and quickly smooshed a foil doggy hat out of it. There you go Honey! Now those creepy little extraterrestrial bug-eyed beings won't get you!

So, we all had a good chuckle about everyone's creative take on making their protective foil hats.  We mostly admired Trey's snap back.....who knew he had a creative side?  Boy, we sure didn't!  However, at the end of the day, we all agreed that it must not matter what shape our hats were because none of us was missing so they must have worked.

Well, a belated Happy Alien Abduction Day! Hope your still with us and didn't get abducted!!!

So, whose hat is YOUR favorite and why?  ~Christina ♫ 

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Trey's jeans Minipparel ~ Etsy 
Trey's Star Wars shirt from Lostinajungle ~ The Beach Shack ~ Etsy  
Trey's shoes are 2003 Grey Sneakers by American Girl®

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

{ WARNING! Alien Abduction Day! }

Hello all!  Christina here....

Did ya'll know that tomorrow, March 20th, is Alien Abduction Day?!?!?!  Who knew?  I sure didn't and when I found out, I decided to see what I needed to do to NOT be abducted by those goofy looking little creatures!  Ewww!  Their big eyes like totally creep me out!  My brain is not open for reading by creepy, height-challenged little strangers!

So - the answer is..........aluminum foil!  Get that!  Apparently, if we wear aluminum foil hats to sheild our brains, then it acts like a Faraday cage and stops the aliens from being able to read our minds.  Whoa, that is soooooo cool.

So, Frolics, even though there is not much to read in your little brain; other than how to fetch sticks and look so stinkin' cute, I really don't want to loose you so we need to make you a hat right away!

Now, sit still Frolics!  I know it's making a weird noise but you gotta sit still so I can get the size right!!  That's a good boy!

THERE!  Perfect fit!  Now you are protected from any kinda alien that might want to abduct you for their own!  Ha, you actually look pretty darned cute in it too!  Frolics, everything's cute on you!

Oh, and I need to go and tell all the girls and Trey as well.  They need to make their own aluminum foil hats for tomorrow!  I hope we have enough foil left for everybody.

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Christina's outfit is the Skateboard Set & Charm by American Girl

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

{ Liebster Award }


Right.  So this is, like, totally new to us girls - and Trey!  Super cool!  But, a bit daunting too.  We have been nominated by four different blogs; AGDTime, Marisa AG, Chestnut Street Dolls and Steampunk Addie.  Thanks to all!!  Now, to the questions.....

Questions from:   AGDTime

1.  Which AG doll do you want next?  #61 or Sonali
2.  Pleasant company or AG?  Mattel's AG
3.  Saige or Isabelle?  BOTH girls live here!
4.  Summer or Winter?  Love both but Summer wins.
5.  Fall or Spring?  Ohhh, this is definitely BOTH!
6.  Bittys or 18 inch?  So sorry Bitty Baby but we are partial to 18" girls.
7.  Youtube or Blogs?  Blogs for now!
8.  Favorite hobbie?  Photography, clay foods, drawing & reading.
9.  What is your favorite game?  Yahtzee
10. iPad or iPhone?  Both!
11. Favorite color?  Blue & pink.

Questions from:  Marisa AG

1.   When did you start blogging?  September 2013
2.   What made you want to start a blog?  Our love of photography.  We were inspired by Pleasant Piper's blog. 
3.   What is your favorite doll?  We cannot pick just one but Cindy was our first! ♥
4.   What doll do you want next?  #61 or Sonali
5.   What doll should AG make next? (Like traits of a doll that you'd like, hair color/length, eyes, face mold, etc.)  We'd like to see a doll of color with a new face that reflects a fun loving, modern day girl.
6.   How many blogs do you currently contribute to?  Just this one!
7.   Do you plan to start any more blogs?  Nope....not enough time in the day!
8.   Where is your favorite place to photograph your dolls?  At the beach!
9.   How good do you think you are at taking doll photos?  Our readers seem to love our photography.....and we are thrilled everyone thinks so.  Why?  Because of our attention to detail.
10. Will you ever "grow out of" dolls? Why/ why not?  Never, because we are all little girls at heart.
11. Do you prefer Historicals, My American Girls, or Girl of the Year dolls?  The latter two.

Questions from:  Steampunk Addie

1.  What is your favorite toy ever made?  American Girl, duh. ☺
2.  What is your favorite toy you ever had?  Cindy.
3.  What is your favorite color?  Blue & pink.
4.  What is your favorite scent?  Umm, so many....let me narrow it down and get back to this later.
5.  What is your favorite moving picture?  Well, right now we're really into the When Calls the Heart TV series.  All us girls are crushing on Constable Jack Thornton! ♥♥♥♥♥
6.  If you could time travel, when and where?  The Holy Land, during the lifetime of Jesus.
7.  If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who?  Jesus, during his ministry on earth.
8.  What event in history would you change, and why?  The bombing of the World Trade Center - so that all those people would still be with their families.
9.  Are you a geek, or a nerd?  Neither. 
10. What would be your superpower if you could choose?  To heal people's physical illnesses, pain and diseases. 
11. What would be your supername be?  Oh gosh, that's too hard.  We'll think on this and add it later.

Questions from:  Chestnut Street Dolls

1. What is the name of your blog? Dolly Dorm Diaries  Why?  Since many girls live here, we thought "dorm" sounded more appropriate than "house".  And, "Diaries" because we like to write about all the girls' experiences. 
2. Why do you think you got this award?  Ummmm.  We hope it's because we have fun stories and nice photos to go with them.
3. Do you have the slightest idea what/who 'Liebster' is? (I don't)  Nope, but Steampunk Addy has a good explanation on her blog!
4. Do you have, or would you make, any custom dolls?  The only custom is our handsome young man, Trey.  He was done by someone else.  We do have another custom coming to the dorm soon though!
5. Would you ever dye your hair?  NOPE!
6. Night owl or morning person?  Definitely a night owl - totes!!!
7. Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it and why?  No, no nickname.
8. Was it hard to pick 11 people to nominate?  YES, because we didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings and we didn't want to duplicate another blog's picks!  That was hard to do!
9. Least favorite book character and why.  Does Wall-e count?  We hated that story and the movie.
10. Was it hard to answer #9? Why?  No, cause we totally disliked it! 
11. What job do you think you'll have in the future (for adults, what job do you have now)?  Well, one of us is a grown up and her job is a professional photographer. :)  The other is still a teenager and she is not sure what she wants to be yet.  But we bet it will be something creative cause she's a true artist!

Questions from:  Pippaloo For Dolls

1. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? How tired we are!  Sad but true. 
2. What is the most frivolous thing you own?  Gotta think on this one!
3. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop lollipop?  Great question - don't have the answer!! :)
4. What is your least favorite word?  "Like"
5. Where do you wish you could be right now?  On a beach with warm sand between our toes!
6.  Name one 20th century invention that will be obsolete within the next 20 years.  Encyclopedias
7.  Use one word to describe your favorite place.  Escape
8.  Why?  Because the beach we go to is very non commercial and we get to spend every day, all day long on the beach doing nothing but looking for shells and sea glass! It truly is an 'escape' from our everyday life and it's never long enough!
9.  What is your favorite time of the year?  This is a toss up....we love each season for different reasons.  Christmas in Winter, Easter in the Spring, Beach in the Summer and the crisp coolness of a colorful Fall day! 
10. What is the one skill you wish you had that seems to come naturally to some others?  Being organized and being able to KEEP IT THAT WAY!  Ugh, it's an everyday challenge!
11. Name the one person who has inspired you the most.  We know this might seem hard to believe but it is Jesus because he influences the way we live everyday.  We'd be very different people if it weren't for His influence in our lives.   

Questions from:  The Dazzling Dollies

1. What is your favorite doll outfit?  Pick one?  No way!! We have too many super cute ones, lol!
2. Jelly Beans or Peeps?  Jelly Beans!
3. What is the next doll you would get?  Ummm, #61 or maybe make a med/dark skin custom.
4. Beach or boardwalk?  Hands down ~ the beach!
5. What is your favorite season??  We have two....spring and fall!
6. What is your favorite fruit?  Love strawberries!!
7. Are your dolls rich?  They are rich in friendship for sure!
8. Dog or Cat?  DOG!  Sorry kitty-loving peeps! 
9. How many AG pets do you have?  Five; Coconut, Honey, Chocolate Chip, Hank & Meatloaf.
10.Firm or Plush pillows?  Plush.
11. What is your favorite eye color?  Boy, this is hard.  Love all eye colors but the most amazing we've seen on a real peep is an amazing amber color. 

Now, we are supposed to nominate (11) blogs too!  We have so many blogs that we love and most of those have been nominated already, so.......we hope we are nominating some blogs that you may not be aware of - hopefully we do not duplicate any so here goes:

1.  Little House of American Girl
2.  Miss Molly and Friends
3.  From Echo with Love
4.  Doll Delight
5.  AG Doll Play
6.  Snister's Flock
7.  You're a Doll!
8.  The Little Things
9.  American Girl Fan
10.  Among the Dolls 
11.  Doll-i-cious 

And, here is our questions:

1.  What part of doll collecting to you love most?
2.  What are you to your doll(s)?  Mom? Caretaker? Friend?
3.  What doll is your mini me?
4.  What is your favorite AG pet?
5.  Ever been to an AG Place?  If so, where?
6.  Take your dolls out in public?
7.  Beach or mountain vacation?
8.  Favorite vacation spot?
9.  Favorite AG Horse?
10. Early riser or night owl?
11. Own an AG boy doll?  Name?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

{ Snow Day ~ Inside Fun! }

Well, by now in the DC area, we are starting to get pretty tired of all this snow.  See, we are not used to getting this much snow and all though I do love to go outside and play in it, I'm sorta getting tired of not going to school to see my friends.  Course, that doesn't stop our teachers from posting "snow work" online for us to math teacher is quite fond of doing this to me every single time we miss a day of school due to snow.  Who ever heard of "snow work"??  I think we should all boycott it!  Anywho, I decided to take a break in between my math worksheets and play with my Julie doll and Cindy's Ruthie doll. 

I have been sooooo looking forward to playing with my dolls at their new table we got last week.  Our good friend, Echo, told us about this "Re-ment" table that was perfect for our dolls.  You can see more about the table and chairs and other Re-ment goodies by visiting Echo's blog - From Echo With Love

We already had some really cute dolly sized toys for our dolls;  My little Julie loves my "lucky pickle" charm and Ruthie is completely ga-ga about Cindy's "lucky cow carton".  We also have itty bitty scissors and a miniature pocket knife that the girls pretend was found at a civil war battlefield, and a mini Lego chihuahua and iPhone! Then there is just other random stuff we have found here and there for our dolls....Cindy and I are suckers for anything that is teeny tiny for our dolls.  We might break down and put our money together to get one of the Re-ment accessories to go with the table but for now, we're good with what we have! 

Just as I was really starting to get into playing, Hope heard Daisy whimpering up on the top bunk in my room and came to "save" her.  Daisy had wanted to be up there for a nap but of course she changed her mind when she saw Honey getting into the fun of playing with me and my dolls. 

"Poor wittle Daisy" Hope was cooing.  "Did that mean Chwistina banish you to the bed so you couldn't join in the fun?  Come here pwecious."  Oh brother, I hate it when Hope talks baby/puppy talk to the dogs.  I mean weally, wight?  LOL.

So, back to Honey was into helping Ruthie play with the tiny brown mouse.  To me it looks more like a cross between a baby kangaroo and a rat but Cindy prefers to call it a mouse, so I'm sticking with that even though I think it's being a bit generous.  I prefer the little grey mouse, so that's who Julie gets to play with.  He's super cute with big ears and a long mousey tail.....♥ him! 


I'm thinking we are gonna have school tomorrow so I best get my butt in gear and go finish that math worksheet (blech!!)  I'm gonna sit here just a few minutes more with my girls and Honey-poo and then it's back to reality.  I wish I could play with my dolls all day long!  

Thanks for reading!!!!  ~Christina ♫

18 Inch Doll Outfits & 18 Inch Doll Accessories by:

Christina's adorable by American Girl® 2011 Skate Board Set
Hope's Sweater by American Girl® and boots from eBay®
Rilakkuma table and chairs from eBay®

Saturday, March 1, 2014

{ Happy National Peanut Butter Lovers Day! }

Okay, I bet ya'll didn't know that March 1st of this year is National Peanut Butter Lovers Day, did you?  Doesn't that include, like, everybody? I mean, who doesn't, right? So, it got us girls to talking about all the foods that peanut butter is good on!

We girls here at the dorm decided to have some snacks that are good with peanut butter in honor of this day! It goes with pretty much anything: celery, crackers, pretzels, apples, bananas, chocolate, toast, pancakes and SO much more!! Coconut and Hershey are wild about peanut butter, too! I swear, whenever I open the jar I hear paws clicking down the hall and they're there in an instant!

One of my favorite foods is the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. They are the BOMB!! I mean c'mon... everyone has had at least ONE in their lives!

So earlier, I made some yummy snacks to celebrate this day! Mmm, tasty!

"Hey, Isabelle! Did you know that most kids will eat 1,500 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before 12th grade?"
"Wow!" Isabelle exclaimed. "That's a LOT of PB&J's! Where did you hear that from??"
"Harper told me! She had to do a research report on it for school this past week!"

"Say, Harper! Can you tell Lanie and Isabelle more about National Peanut Butter Lover's Day?" I asked.
"Sure! It's referred to as a "national" holiday, even though it's not official. Peanut butter has been very popular since the early 1900's, but no one knows who invented it!! It is an $800 million dollar industry and has many different brands. The most popular brands are Jif, Skippy, and Peter Pan."

"Whoa!" Lanie said. "I'm just now realizing how much I use it! I've heard it's unhealthy for you, though. Is that true?"
"Well, it can be healthy in moderation. Peanut butter is a great source of healthy fats and proteins.  The healthiest kinds are the brands with no added oil or sugar. Believe it or not, it can actually reduce the risk of certain heart diseases! Wild, huh?"
"Oh, golly! Who would have thought peanut butter can help your heart? Well, hears to my heart! I'm gonna heat my muffin and then smear peanut butter all over it. What are you gonna have peanut butter on today, Harper?"
"I'm going to put it on my banana!! It is super good with them!"

Isabelle, didn't you tell me that one of your favorite peanut butter treats is Peanut Butter Panic ice cream? I think I would have to agree with you on that one...the chunks of chocolate mixed with the peanut butter yummy!! But I think today I'll stick with a good old fashion PB&J!

So lets all toast to National Peanut Butter Lovers Day! Hip Hip Hooray!

How will you celebrate this day? What is your favorite peanut butter treat??
~Cindy ♥