Friday, July 18, 2014

{ Beachy Blogger Award }

Hi, everyone! We've been nominated for the Beachy Blogger award by four different blogs; Marisa AG, .  Thanks to all!!  Now, to the questions..... 

Questions from: Marisa AG - :
1. What is your favorite doll?  We cannot pick just one but Cindy was our first! ♥
2. What is your favorite thing about having a blog? We love sharing our adventures with all of our readers!
3. What is the worst thing someone has said to you on your blog?
4. Do you have a doll house? Well, we have the Dolly Dorm!
5. When did you get your first AG doll? Cindy came to live at the dorm in 2006.
6.What is your favorite article of doll clothing that you have?
7. Who is your best online friend? We have several online it is impossible to choose!
8. Who is your favorite AGTuber? We like agoverseasfan and annabasilmentos.
9. Do you watch Aspen Heights? If so, are you Team Belita or Team Calita? Nope, never heard of it.
10. Which of your dolls' personalities is most like you? Cindy

Questions from: Ginny and June - :
Who is your favorite Historical Character?
What is your favorite clothing item from AG?
What is your favorite book? (AG or not) All of us girls have different tastes in books and each of our favorites is in our "profiles" on the Meet the Girls page.
How many AGP's have you been to? Two- the one in Washington, D.C. and the one in New York.
Would you rather get a new doll from AG, or get a cheaper TLC doll and fix her up?
How long have you been blogging?
Would you rather do a photoshoot at a beach or in the mountains?
Have you ever been to an AG event?
Do you shop for dolls/clothing/furniture for your dolls on eBay?
Have you ever had to send one of your dolls to the AG Hospital?

Questions from: Ellie Blue -

1. Who is your favorite Historical AG?
2. Do you buy all your dolls with your own money?
3. Do you have a girl of the year? Yes! 5 live here at the dorm- Mia, Lanie, McKenna, Saige, and Isabelle!
4. Will you watch Isabelle's movie? Definitely!!!
5. Who is your favorite blogger? Oh, there are waaaay to many to chose from!
6. Have you ever been to a meet up? No, we haven't, but we hope to host one someday!
7. Where is the first Ag place you have been to? (If you haven't where do you want to go?)
8. Saige or Isabelle? Why, both of course!!
9. Do you have a blog dedicated to AG dolls or dolls in general? Dolly Dorm Diaries.
10. Do you shop on the Ag website? On occasion we do, but we normally just go to the AGPDC and Etsy to do our shopping. :)


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