Wednesday, August 6, 2014

{ Deadwood } Part II

So, picking up where I left off......

Alden and I headed towards the train station and on the way took advantage of some cool photo-ops.  This one was pretty close to the station.

Before getting in line for the train ride, Alden wanted a photo of him by the train tracks with the train in the background.  Only problem was, it was behind the NO TRESPASSING sign!  But Alden said he had asked permission earlier and they gave him the OK to do it.  Still, I was a bit nervous because of the background on the know, they have like ammo stockpiles and real live guns and all.  I felt much better once Alden slipped back under the sign!

We were the first to get to the station and Alden was super excited to be first in line.  He was already scoping out what seat he wanted and what photos he wanted.  As the train rounded the corner pulling into the station, Alden could hardly contain himself!

 Next thing I know he is motioning me to jump on the FRONT of the engine!  I was like; "Dude, that's a BIG engine, are you sure it's okay?"  Alden assured me that the engineer gave him permission before he left for his lunch break and so off we went through the gate and climbed up on the front.  I gotta admit, it was pretty sweet to be able to get this close the engine - it was HUGE!  I could hear and feel this old Iron Horse chuffing and clanking as it idled waiting for passengers.  It was super cool and I can see why Alden loves these things so much! 

Next thing I know.....Alden is off again!  Dang this guy moves fast!  This time he had run on ahead of me and was motioning to climb up into the engineer's window.  Oh snap!  He'd better have gotten permission for this!!!  Since it was pretty high up, I didn't look around much as I was keeping my eyes fixed on the ground!  Not Alden though.....unlike his ride on the carousel, he was throwing his hands up in the air and yelling; "All aboard!  All aboard!!"  Go figure.

Next the train whistle sounds and Alden busted a move to get to his seat.  The train chugged out of the station and headed into the woods.  Alden was just sitting back chillin' now and seemed to be in his own little world.  So, I did the same and started looking around for the rumored aliens. 

What I saw next is really, really hard to describe!  It was big and I mean BIG!!  Like HUGE-MONGOUSLY big!  It had lots of big, red, googly eyes and lots of creepy green legs.....and a really BIG nasty mouth!  I was at least twice as big as me and could have sucked me down without even swallowing.....eeeewwwww!   Oh, and it had long antennas too!  Ick!!  I was just praying the ole Iron Horse didn't break down......I don't know what I would have done!  I turned to show Alden but he alien was gone in a flash.  Alden's reaction to me seeing an alien was to give me the stink eye......which clearly told me he didn't believe me.  He said I was just makin' it all up cause of what we had heard earlier.  But I know what I saw and I was not gonna ride that train freakin' way!

Thankfully, it was too long before the we pulled back into the station.....and I was super glad to be out of those woods!  When we came to a stop, Alden wanted to go to the back where the caboose was.  I took a few deep breaths and tried to forget what I had seen.  I caught up with Alden and we climbed into the caboose.  That was fun and we both hung out the windows and waved at all the other peeps gettin' off the train.  They looked at us like we were two poor boys from the local nut house but what do we care.....we're never gonna see them again, right?  Plus, it was fun.....we laughed and laughed at their funny looks!  Just another crazy day in the life of Trey & Alden.  We tend to get those kinds of looks when we're hangin' out together, lol.

Last stop.....the observation platform!  This was fun but now it was my turn.  I told Alden it was time for us to go and check out the cannon.  They weren't gonna actually fire it until later on the evening but I wanted to get up close to it before they packed with gun powder. 

Oh boy, the cannon was super cool and it was really big too!  I wasn't sure what to expect but I was really stoked to find out that it was in fact, a real cannon and not just a fake one.  It took a lot of effort but finally we climbed to the top passing the fuse on the way.  The wheels were super big too - I guess that means the cannon itself was waaaay heavy!  Alden dared me to stick my head over the end and look down the, hello?  I like to have fun but I am not that stupid!

All in all, we had a great time and I still cannot believe that I ran into Alden in this little place out in the middle of nowhere.  But, I sure am glad that I did.....we had a super fun "guys" day out!  Just like we always do.  Sad, but I doubt we'll ever return to this little place.  But hey, if you are in the neighbor hood of Bear Grass, NC, you need to make a pit stop and check this place out.  Just watch out for aliens if you decide to ride the train!

I hope you peeps have enjoyed reading about our day as much as we did!  ~Trey ✌

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  1. I can assure you I had lots of fun reading this ;)


  2. You guys must have had a great time! :) Great photos by the train.

    ~ Mint

    1. Hey Mint! Thanks! it was an awesome time! And that train was the best!! ~Trey ✌

  3. Looks like a great day! You never know what you'll find in the woods along the tracks. I am glad you go permission for all those train pictures - train yards can be dangerous places. Thank you for sharing your day with us!

    1. Yes, yes! It was a great day for sure.....all that is, except the alien thingy! Alden is really a stickler about asking permission when it comes to getting around trains. They are really cool but they are very big and can be dangerous to be around so, yeah, definitely need permission and need to be super duper careful! ~Trey ✌

  4. This is soooo cute! You boys look adorable! That looked like a really cool place to take pictures! I loved all of them!

    1. Heya! Thanks! It was a really awesome place to go.....wish I could go back! ~Trey ✌

  5. That looks like so much fun! I just got a new blog at


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