Hi, my name is Charity!  I don't live at The Dolly Dorm but I love to visit with my best friend, McKenna, whenever I get the chance!

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Full name:  Charity 
Age:  10
Birthday: September 9
Favorite color: lemon yellow
Hobby: I love to sing! I sing in the shower, while I'm doing my homework, while doing chores around the house...basically all the time!
Pets: Sugar
Religion: Christian
Best friend: McKenna
Favorite food: I have many favorite foods...but I'd have to say one of my very favorites is the tuxedo cake from Costco!
Favorite movie: Sound of Music
Favorite animal: deer
Siblings: her twin sister, Patience
Favorite TV show: Heartland
Favorite Celebrity: 
Favorite song: 
Adjective that describes you: giving
Doll: American Girl Doll #33

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Frosty Party Outfit 2011 by American Girl


  1. Love the Sound of Music!!!
    Izzy ������

    1. Hi Izzy! My favorite for sure! Thanks for your comment!! ~Charity ♥

  2. i love her you recommened her?

    1. She is really a lovely girl! We think she is super cute!

  3. Aw..... Gorgeous girl!


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